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Beam prosthesis – this is a conditionally removable structure, which is fixed to the implants, and can replace the entire set of teeth of the upper and lower jaw. Beamed prosthesis got its name thanks to a special metal beam, which allows connecting all implants with each other and thereby gives additional stability to the structure and reliably fix prosthesis. To restore all the teeth in the mouth from 4 to 8 implants are used, which are evenly distributed on the jaw. And on the implants, which together are connected with each other by a beamed structure, clasp prosthesis is mounted, which in its turn is fixed to the beam by means of an attachment (locking structures). With this mount the prosthesis is securely fixed and does not cause any inconvenience during the chewing process.

Benefits of beam prosthesis on implants:

  • Ability to simultaneously restore the entire dentition
  • Denture absolutely immobile in the mouth, the patient does not have to worry that he might fall
    out during a conversation or a meal.
  • Reliable fixation of the prosthesis and load balancing for a single metal beam allows you to eat any products without fear of displacement of the prosthesis.
  • Load balancing: thanks to the combination of beam implants redistribution of chewing load is occurring. The chewing load is distributed evenly between all the points of support and partially transmitted to the bone, situated in between implants. Furthermore, in the posterior zone where there are no implants, prosthesis evenly abuts on the gum. All these combine to provide a uniform distribution of chewing load throughout the jaw thanks to which the bone is not reduced in size and is not atrophied.
  • Beam conditionally-removable dentures are more durable as compared to similar structures on the globular fixture.

It is fairly easy to maintain oral hygiene in such prosthetics and it does not cause any inconveniences, since you do not have to continually remove the prosthesis from the oral cavity. Cleaning dentures is important in the morning and evening, and to rinse it regularly after eating. For a more thorough cleaning of the interior design it is necessary that we remove the beam prosthesis once a month, as well as end walls of implants, as they also accumulate bacteria.